You will find our high value products in the following industries:

Food industry

Cardboard packaging needs to meet the most stringent requirements on food safety, be made from natural and renewable materials and, for a clear conscious, be recyclable as part of paper waste. This is how our products fulfill the sustainability criteria consumers expect.
As an innovative and reliable partner for the food industry, we meet the most stringent hygiene standards through our certified hygiene management, in particular through our BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials certification.

Sanitary and hygiene industry

We have been manufacturing packaging for the hygiene industry that meets the most stringent quality requirements for many years now. Thanks to our quality and hygiene management system, we are able to ensure for our customers a professional, flawless and thoroughly documented production of these sensitive items.


With our all-round satisfaction package for the giant non-food product world, we can find a suitable packaging for you and your special product. Beginning with the creation of white prototypes in our packaging development department, right through to the finished packaging in your hand.
There are many options available, from “normal” folding boxes right through to custom designs – feel free to get in touch with us.

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